Supporting the health, wellness and education of children.

Cosmetic MD Cares is our way of giving back.  Dr. Piasecki and family provide personal and financial support to programs that promote health and wellness initiatives for children.  We believe that by laying the foundation of healthy living early on, the groundwork is set for an improved quality of life that can be sustained into adulthood.

In addition to numerous school, PTA and athletic organizations, we also support a few on a larger scale:

Peninsula Schools Education Foundation
The Peninsula Schools Education Foundation is an organization of community members dedicated to raising funds that enhance public education in the Peninsula School District. Foundation board members strengthen the relationship between the district and the community, developing resources for teachers.

Peninsula Hands on Art
Peninsula Hands on Art provides art to over 2,800 elementary aged children.  Its mission is to provide an all-district elementary art program that educates and engages children in art history and technique while encouraging the talents of each child.

Angels and Doves
Angels and Doves is a nation-wide nonprofit that is devoted to ending bullying.  Angels and Doves offers educational presentations at schools, youth groups and other organizations and has created a 'full circle' of tools to introduce and support the mission of ending bullying.

Growing Great
Growing Great is a nationwide community-based nonprofit nutrition education organization dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits, decreasing the risk of obesity & disease. Its goal is to help children and families understand where our food comes from, appreciate that food serves a purpose in our overall health and has an impact on our longevity and well-being.

Support Your Organization

Are you tired of popcorn sales, bake sales and car washes for your sports teams and school programs?  Selling Cosmetic MD skincare products is a lucrative alternative to the mundane fundraising efforts.  We provide the tools necessary to sell our products as part of your fundraiser, including DVDs if you prefer to host an in-home sales party.  You simply take orders and collect payment, and we ship your orders as quickly as possible.  A check for 35% of the gross sales, less the cost of shipping, will be issued to your organization.

Alternatively, apply for a coupon code to distribute along with our website.  Send the code out to your contacts and each month we'll send you a check for 20% of gross sales that are made with the coupon code.  You'll receive ongoing funding as customers re-order products and pass information along to friends and family.

Do you have a non-profit organization that provides opportunities to children?  We’d love to hear about it!  We help any-sized group that is dedicated to kids - from local baseball teams, to national level foundations.  Send us a paragraph or two description of the organization and why you feel it fits with our mission.  We can customize a profit sharing program for your association, from a straightforward donation to contributing a portion of our web sales.  Learn more on our healthy approach to fundraising by contacting us.