Company History

A life changing, traumatic accident left Dr. & Mrs. Piasecki compelled to promote health & wellness through accessible medical grade skin care and skin cancer prevention for all.

What started as a personal project to benefit friends and family, Dr. Piasecki began developing skincare products in his kitchen with his wife, Jill, as his tester.  Through his successful medical practice he had been exposed to patients who unknowingly could have prevented skin cancer and premature aging of the skin, if simply armed with the correct knowledge and product. He aimed to create products to protect those he loved from the sun’s harmful rays and environmental aggressors, while offering the essentials in skincare. The result was the creation of Cosmetic MD -  - the latest skincare science in straightforward, easy-to-use products for beautiful, safe, healthy-looking skin.

Dr. Piasecki began by exploring four scientifically proven methods of improving the health and appearance of skin:

  • Proper facial cleansing – efficacious ingredients and gentle cleansing techniques
  • Benefits of Retin-A – increased cell turnover, minimized wrinkles, clarified skin
  • Hyperpigmentation – correct and prevent darkening of the skin due to increased melanin
  • SPF – the ultimate sun defense in broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays

Equipped with extensive knowledge in these areas, he then looked to improve the delivery mechanisms of each and create formulas that were effective and no-nonsense.

As the products started to take shape, Dr. Piasecki was in a tragic accident – the kind that takes your breath away and brings you back a changed person with a renewed outlook on life.

The day after school was let out for summer break, Dr. Piasecki was playing in his barn with his wife and three daughters.  The kids were up in a hayloft, and Dr. Piasecki climbed a rope to greet them.  At the top, as he was starting to let himself down, his foot got stuck and he fell 20 feet, landing directly on his head on the concrete below.  After a frightful ambulance ride and a traumatic respite from daily activity, Dr. Piasecki made a miraculous recovery and returned to practicing medicine.

Without physical scars, he walked away a changed man inside.  His focus turned outward as he looked for ways to improve the world around him.

In 2013, he and his wife, Jill, decided to launch Cosmetic MD with the goal of selling unique products at an affordable price.  Proceeds from the sale of products will be donated to support charities and organizations that promote health, wellness and the education of children.