It's All About Eyes


So how do we pull this off with creams?  Common sense.  We start with eyes.  Why?  Because that’s the one the brain looks at first, the question on the test that is worth the most points.  And when it comes to the eyes, there are THREE features that the eye comments on in its super quick assessment report it sends to the brain. 

I call them the Triad of Aging, and they are: bags, dark circles and wrinkles

We make those look less noticeable and the brain will conclude that the face looks more youthful and attractive.  It’s actually that simple.  Notice how I didn’t say easy.  It took me two years to figure out chemically how to make that work. The “All About Eyes Collection” I invented are created are the fruits of that labor though. 

There is a long term maintenance approach for the highest yield – which involves the Comprehensive Blepharolifting Eye cream for morning use which is designed for reducing wrinkles and dark circles over time, and the Cold Therapy Blepharolifting Serum PM for giving a tighter appearance to bags under the eyes (that one is applied with a roller ball applicator to keep the applied film thin).  Since I tend to harp on not losing sight of the actual goal itself (looking good) and because the results of those products take time, I invented Everlift, to make the lower lids look good NOW while we are patiently chipping away with the two above. 

Everlift has three separate and distinct mechanisms to address and improve each of the Triad:

  • precise optical light diffusers which act as tiny mirrors reflecting light back from the depths of deeper areas to literally make the darkness normally present in a shadow (ie. in the dark circles under the eyes) less dark and thus less visible to the eye
  • a cleaved protein similar to the protein that makes up Botox, called Argirilene is formulated specifically to make lower lid bags look tighter
  • a rather futuristic ingredient complex I think of as “wrinkle spackle” that absorbs oxygen from the air and as a result foams itself up microscopically to fill in the wrinkles. 

In clinical trials, Everlift applied to only one lower eyelid was able to trick AI facial recognition software into estimating the age of the face at 9.63 years younger than the patient’s actual age – after only ten minutes following application of the product to the lower eyelid.