Piasecki Family Favorite Friday Night Games

Piasecki Family Favorite Friday Night Games

Casual competition sparks energy in everyone.  What could be more fun than a good laugh with family?  Here are a few of our favorite games that gets everyone involved:

Enact a story – let your kids tell a story as you act it out.  Take turns being the story teller and the actor.

Dictionary – find an old dictionary.  The person who’s “it” is the leader and picks a word they do not know and spells it for everyone.  Each person writes a definition of the word – could be funny, or could be meant to sound like the real definition.  The leader reads all the definitions and each person guesses which definition is the right one.

Charades – we let each person put a few people, places, objects, or whatever topic we decided to use, in a hat.  Kids vs. adults is always our favorites, but mix into teams or not, depending on how competitive your group is.

Board/card games - Spot it, Jenga, Apples to Apples, Beat the Parents, Pictionary.  You can even play as teams.